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Update as of may,2,2018 I have a I have my Patreon set up and its live. For those who are interested in donating that way.

Thank you all so much for contributing to the work, and watching my video's. All donations go directly towards funding current and future projects. The more donations, the more videos, and the more help to get us all one step further to incredibly efficient energy production! When you donate in return you will get every bit of information I learn as all my projects are open source.

All persons that donate will have there first name and last initial (or nick name) posted on the Thank you page. A special thanks goes to all that can or do donate. If you enjoy watching my videos, or you feel the work is important, please donate what you can. You can also help by donating supplies and materials. You can also come visit the forums and give your donation in the form of brain power to help further the research. When people work together things get done, and we need all the help we can get!

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~Russ Gries

One may ask are there others working on the same thing? Why should I help fund you and not others working on this type of research? I suggest helping any one you can that is working on this technology. One thing that may peek your interest Is that I have been and will be continuing working on this project and other projects in an open source format. I constantly post all of my data and work on my YouTube channel found here; I also post and discuss my work at the forms set up for this work here; You may see that you’re funding my research, but in reality you are funding everyone that is in contact with me and even your future of energy. All my research is published on my web site here;
I constantly talk and email with other colleges that I have been working side by side with for a long time. The others that I work with will benefit from the research that I post online Daly and discuses openly on the forums at I also broadcast live from blog sites such as as I work. This keeps the people involved up to date as its happening, this way no information is lost. Your funding is not going to one place and then cut off by 4 walls. It is being spread back in to the people of witch this knowledge needs to be for this tech to come out in the public domain.

I have a passion that drives me to work on this research for the better of the world. There is already too much pollution and nonreversible damage to this world we call home. The powers at be will take right over as they are right now with OIL. I am an extremely critical thinker. I see things in Stan’s work that most miss. I have pointed this out in my research for others to fallow. Stan worked in phases and if you look at his work you can see the stages of progress. I’m in the process of fowling Stan’s footsteps. One thing I’m not fallowing in Stan’s footsteps is how I’m getting the info out to the people as that is the most important thing of this research. This research must be published as its happening so the people of the world will have the same info as I do and there cannot and will not be any data loss if something were to happen to me. There will be others that will carry on the work.

Why would one want to help fund this project? I suggest helping any one you can that is working on this technology. Do remember that when you fund this research you are funding a network of researchers that will bring the tech out to the public as I’m doing. These are well respected people that have the same passion that I do. Together we will bring out this tech that has been suppressed for too long. The reason that this tech is not in the public domain right now is that the inventers have been working in secrete. Then one day they and their stuff is gone, never to be seen again. This cannot happen, thus we publish the research Daly and live as its happening. No more secret’s no more control from people what have the power of the power. Let’s make this place what it should be! Let’s make this place we call home ours and live in freedom!