HGG “Hydrogen Gas Gun”

Here you will find some information on the HGG “Hydrogen Gas Gun”.

The HGG is basically a gas ionizer. It uses “laser” or light energy to help move the electrons away from the nucleus so that the high voltage can take over to dislodge the electrons from the gas atoms. There also needs to be a way to remove the free electrons from the gas and that is the purpose of the ECC or “electron extraction circuit.” These component’s working together will basically ionize the gas.

Why would one want to do this? Well in the case of the EPG there needs to be a way to attach a magnetizable atom to a noble gas.  An example of this would be to create iron gas atoms and get them to attach to unstable argon gas atoms to form a magnetizable gas lattice that can be used in the EPG.

When working with Hydrogen and Oxygen one would want to do this to destabilizing the gas atoms.  By extracting at least 4 electrons from the oxygen one can prevent the water module from forming during the thermal reaction of burning the gasses to release a much higher energy yield from the gas. This is how Stan was able to run his buggy on smaller amounts of H H O gas from water. He also was meter mixing other gases such as exhaust gases from the engine to adjust the burn rate of the H H O to equal that of gasoline. One can read this in his patents. Please see the patents page to download the patents.

Here is my HGG, I will be uploading schematics and other info once I get some testing done!



This gas Processor has 24 x 403nm led's and 20 x 630nm led's

This is looking down in to the processor.

Here is a video of me assembling the HGG.

A new start after learning more info:

More updates as they become available.

~Russ Gries