WFC “Water Fuel Cell”

Here you will find the work concerning Stanley Meyers WFC “Water Fuel Cell” technology.

The WFC technology is an efficient way to break down water in to its primary parts. Hydrogen and oxygen and do in in such a way that is economically feasible. This is not brute force electrolysis using amps. This is a way to "switch off" the bond of the water molecule with a high voltage low amperage approach. also known as voltrolysis.

This page will be updated as progress is being maid to include videos and photos, schematics, and technical details on the WFC.

There is so much information on the Internet that I’m not going to go in to much detail on Stan’s system. What I am going to do is show you want I have done and the work at hand.

Here is Stan’s resonant cavity he used on the buggy.

And here is the stainless steel "Resonant cavity" taken out of the unit.

Here you will find a single resonant cavity that is good for testing. This is to spec of Stan’s original equipment as far “resonant cavity” is concerned.  The holder and full unit is my own design based on the original equipment.  Please feel free to build this unit to test with. This is used as a water capacitor to be used in the VIC circuit.

Here is the complete assembly;

Here you can see the inner workings.

One can download all the drawings here.

Here is a CAD assembly video of the test cell.

Here  one can see a simple WFC test cell similar to the first drawings but this one is very basic and was built with a mini lathe and a drill press.

Here one can see the side of the cell.

Here one can see the cell broke down in to its component parts.

Here one can see the cell as i assemble it. In this video the cell was not completely finished but you can see how the cell is put together.

Here one can see the finished Cell.

Next is the VIC or “voltage intensifier circuit”. The VIC is a type or transformer that works with the resonant cavity or water capacitor to make a tank circuit. Similarly to the tank circuit used on a tesla coil.   Under resonates the VIC coil will create high voltage pulses to step charge the water capacitor. Using the water as dielectric it will have a catastrophic failure and “switch off” the bond holding the water molecule together.  This is done under resonance and uses almost zero amps.

Here one will find Stan’s VIC next to my test VIC. Once I get things the way I like it I will give out the specs of my VIC to work with the Test Cell and you can try it for your self!

This is an iron core for testing. The finished coil will have a Ferrite core.

This is my VIC bobbin I’m using. Its extremely close to Stan’s original equipment. The main difference is that Stan’s was using a flat core you can in the next photo.

Here one can see how the card fits on to the VIC

Here one can see all the VIC's and cards for the Fuel cell.

More to come!

~Russ Gries