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RWGresearch is run by Russ Gries, and continues to function through his YouTube page, with feedback and input from his YouTube subscribers and his forum at Community is key to success!

Here you will find the most important work Russ has done.  Russ truly believes in openly sharing results, and working as a team with his subscribers,  so please contribute anything you think is valuable.   You can help by contributing your gifted talents, whether that’s financial donations, material resources, or just coming over to the forums and giving your thoughts on the projects. This Community needs all the help it can get and most importantly you will learn new things along the way!


Russ donates a large portion of his free time, so if you enjoy his work and want him to continue please help him out!   The video's he provides are not only entertaining, they're valuable to mankind as a whole and for the public to take back the choice of how and where we produce energy. Russ also publishes a lot of other things on his YouTube of which are rather entertaining and interesting, he does a lot of 3D printing work as well. He uses his YouTube channel to teach others what he has learned. Russ broadcasts his work live on YouTube.

Please join the Forum and contribute as it's the heart of this website! Thank you and enjoy the work published on this site!

Below is an introductory video to what Russ is all about.  Enjoy the site and info!

"God has given me a gift and i want to share that freely  as it was freely given to me.  With God all things are possible!" God Bless! ~Russ Gries



Here's a little 'art' video of an early hydrogen generation experiment. It shows my old basement lab in its prime when I was doing a lot of the water research. This is not my typical type of video, but rather a " silent move" similar to a Frankenstein's laboratory! Enjoy!