Papp Noble Gas Engine

On this page one will find my replication attempt to prove that the The Papp Noble Gas Engine works!or at lease prove that you can take noble gas's and do work with the plasma they form.

First i must thank the man who has supplied most the funds for this project, he goes by the name Ethospete, please hive him a huge thank you as with out him none of this work would be done!!!!!! it would be just a dream... support and funding is always needed, But please only donate if you can, no not donate your last savings. The donation button is for those who are able to donate some  "Chuck change" and its only there for that reason. Funding keeps the site up and the information flowing for free!!! We are the change! lets be it!

I will update this page as the work is done or as i have Time.

Please see the thread where we are having all the discussions and updates on the project:


Here are some photos of my test set up as of now.  For the most part this is a replica of what Bob Rohner has built, you can see bob's tests here:

I want to thank Bob for posting videos and information on his web site, the cell was constructed by studding all the videos and information on his YouTube and website.  My hats off to you bob! fantastic work and test set up!!!

For the most part, its ready for testing, the last thing is to install the aluminum buckets...


Here one can see the 3.25" OD piston constructed to utilize the force the plasma will give us.

Here are the "buckets", in the original Papp engine theses are use to house the small quantities of thorium, rubidium, and red phosphors These are not quite understood except the fact they will help ionize the gasses, one may be able to use RF at the frequency of 27.105mhz  (CB AM Chanel 12) to replace the radioactive components. The radioactive components are not harmful in these quantities unless they would get inside your body. All the radioactive components emit alpha radiation and will not penetrate your skin. Plus once there in the "buckets" there not exposed and can not get out. I however at this time will only be using them for capturing electricity the Plasma will give off when it collapses. I do not have any of the radioactive components except the 2% thoriated electrodes. :

One fuel mixture known in the art is a combination by volume of
35.6% helium,
26.2% neon,
16.9% argon,
12.7% krypton
8.5% xenon.

Here is the contents of the gas i have ready for testing:

here are the update videos so you can see everything i have done so far:

First post about the project. : Let's build A "Popper" Noble Gas Engine AKA Papp Engine. Times Just Turned... Or Did It?

Update 1 : Thoughts and more information.

Update 2 : Gas Ordered & My Thoughts About Bob And John Rohner& Other Info

Update 3 : Testing Syringes, Needles, septa & Fittings

Update 4 : High Voltage Assisted Low Voltage High Current Discharge Circuit

Update 5 : Where's The"Popper Kit"? Shipped? Parts Parts Parts! 350Joules across 10+ mm gap

Update 6 : Bob's Replica Test Unit 98% Done. Poll Should I Get The Kit Or Not???

Update 7 : Gas Is Here & The Piston And Test Chamber Is Almost Complete!

Update 8 : First Test Fire!! YEAH! Sit Back & Enjoy!

Update 9 : Popper Kit... I Did It Any Way. Im Here To Test. So Test I Will. ahhh

Update 10 : Calling All Radio Geeks For Help! & Some General Updates

Update 11 : Hydrogen To Plasma Will Do Mechanical Work?? This May Be Better Off??? One test leads to a new discovery/re-discovery...

Update 12 : Helium Testing... Now That's Interesting... So The Darn Thing Dose Work?

Update 13 : New Control & In The Name Of Science I Will Destroy Grandma's XMas China !!!

Update 14 : Grandma's XMas China Glows Green??? That's wild! I like it! ;)

Update 15 : Coils Anyone? & High Voltage + 1000 Jules + A Late Night = A Tun Of Fun! ;)

Update 16 : Custom Automated Cylinder Roller / Mixer... :) & Some Info At The End...

Update 17 : Popper Kit For Auction, No Longer On The Market. Or Its Getting Sent Back.

Update 18 : Timer Circuit, New Caps, New Ignition Set Up, General Update.

Update 19 : Finished "Papp Test Timer Circuit", Ignition Set Up Test, & life! ;)

Update 20 : "THE PLAN" & Ignition Set Up Test With Papp Timer & New "tools"

Update 20.1 : Power Speed Popping. Just wanted to see how fast I could pop thins thing! ;) ~Russ

Update 21 : The Next Step To Real Data... Second Step of This Installment Coming Soon...

More Updates Soon!


More info and good sorest to look at:

below is some older footage of the Papp motor and information:

Bob Rohner had some good info on his web page that should be looked at:

to help you understand what may be going on in this processes please have a look at this video:


here is more old footage that may be of interest:


the orgnail Papp patents can be found on this post:

I will update this page when i have time!!! :)


~Russ Gries! god bless and thank you for all the support!!!!!