Impulse Magnetizing Experiments

This page is here to host a series of Impulse generated magnetizing experiments. From the basic to the odd and interesting... If you like the tests on this page I also recommend looking at this page. Where I make some interesting Multiple pole magnets.

The Impulse generator I'm using for theses tests is an industrial magnetizing machine , I did an autopsy on this machine so I recommend watching this short video to get an idea of what I'm using in the other videos.


Off to the tests.

Test 1

The first test is easy, I wanted to know if i could take a standard neodymium magnet that was already magnetized and heat it with a torch to the point of demagnetizing it. ( around 1417.73F or 769.85C) At this point I cooled the magnet down and re-magnetized it. The result was good.

so it appears that yes indeed this can be done with out harm to the magnet or losing its strength. That's good to know!


Test 2

On this test I tried to magnetize the same magnet but instead of doing it the long way (axially)  I wanted to do it through the center of the cylinder (Diametrically). At first i just stuck it in the coil but did not secure it. That proved to not work at all. I then made a jig to make sure it could not turn. The results were good not not great.

It appears that I need to make some kind of focusing device such as an iron core so that the flux is more evenly distributed.


Test 3

On this test I use different power level ratings to see how much power it takes to make a permanent magnet. I'm using a plastic jig to hold the magnet in place .

One can see that on this chart there is a point where the power applied is wasted. This will change depending on the type of Neodymium Mixture or "Grade"

Strength Chart with name

Test 4

In this test i try to Demagnetize a magnet that has already been magnetized. the idea is to see if i can use this pulse discharge system to make it work. my tests show that that it is not working well at all, but may be good for other purposes. another test is to see what happens when you try to "reverse" pulse a magnet...


Test 5

In this video I test out some flux  Focusing cores to see if it helps with the magnetizing process.



Test 6

In this video i try different methods to achieve a nice Diametrically magnetized magnet. Including heat curie setting. but the results are mixed. some of this is due to the " mass" of the magnet. if the magnet was  bigger it would be stronger.


Test 7

In this test I take an LRC meter and check the coil I'm using for magnetizing. as well as inspect the coil closer.

Imprinting Magnetic Wave Patterns Neodymium Ring Magnets.


more tests to come.