Coils & Testing

On this page you will find a collection of coils i have built and tested.

click on the photo for a lager view.

My first Rodin coil. (improperly wound) on a ferrite core

My first  Rodin coil. it is a wire form coil then a rodin coil wraped on top of that. I call it a HVTWRC.

Wattage file


This is my first star-ship coil.

This is my second star-ship coil. it is covered in 12 foot of hot glue stick. it is bifilr wound with a 10 degree offset between the 2 coils.


This is a lenz wire bi filer wound star ship coil. one wire is copper and the other is aluminum.

This is my design of a coil i call a Satellite coil still on the form.

Here it is off the form.

This a a micro star-ship coil. it is 3/8" OD

Here is a tiny Rodin coil. the wire is thinner than your hair!

Here is a couple of 1" star-ships coils. i have made a bunch of these.

Here is a couple of other starship coils i have made.


Here is a big HVTWRC.

Here is a this photo there is only 2 of 10 windings.

This is a 3 point rodin style coil it has one wind on it.

Here is a big fat starship coil.

This is a star-challis coil, this one is a 36 point.

This is a 12 point star-challis coil.


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Thanks, ~Russ Gries