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Zeolite Loading:

I'm currently working on loading zeolite with organometallic Palladium (Pd). I'm currently In the process of doing a lot of materials analysis on this loading process. Below are some fun short clips that were filmed to get people interested in what we are doing around the QGR facility. These clips are more to peek interest than they are scientific.

In the video below, we load the zeolite with organometallic Pd. Then it needs to be calcined (Bake out). This process burns off any organics from the organometallic Pd. I'm testing for some unknown black substance in the zeolite after calcining . We think we are seeing carbon in these samples, but the SEM-EDX results show us that there is not much carbon. However the SEM-EDX will not work under 2% by weight. We may be stretching the limits of the SEM-EDX (Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with Energy Dispersive X-ray) on this sample so we decided to calcine some unloaded zeolite to see if it changes color.


The video below shows the results of the unloaded zeolite. It appears that indeed the black in color is coming from something other than the zeolite itself. The next step is to test using FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) to see if there are indeed organics in the sample.


This video below is some detail on the loading of the zeolite.

""If you drank this, you would die. No seriously, you would. You would die." Russ and Dan load zeolite with organic palladium as part of a cold fusion experiment, while upstairs, fundamental #‎PHYSICS research into the nature of reality carries on (after lunch.)"


In this video below Russ go's to UCLA & Learn about how to do XRD (X-ray Diffraction). Also know as X-ray crystallography. If you want to learn more see the wiki.

The samples I'm using are Zeolite loaded with Pd. We loaded Theses in our lab and now its time to see if we destroyed any of the structure while we were calcining the samples.


More on this as work is being done.


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