Wire Straightener / Counter

wire straightener / counter


Here one will find a device a call the “wire straightener / counter” I built this for the magnet wire I recycle out of CRT TV’s and old motors and such. This is a simple device any one can build. The main rollers are the same as the rollers on sliding doors. You can find them at most hardware stores. The brackets you will not find, these I had laying around. But one can use wood or angle iron. The other stuff is random stuff such as brackets and old bearings. The wire guides are old bearings with smooth edge’s.  The bolts you see are for knocking off the old epoxy and also it helps straiten the wire.

There is also a counter I found in an old tape deck. I did some tests and I found that every 23 numbers is 10 foot. So that’s how I do my calculations. But one can buy a fishing line counter that would work much better. Thanks to the user FirePinto for that tip!

Here are some photos and videos of the device.