This is what I call "Burn-O-Meter"


Basically i was trying to find a way i could test the burn rate/burn expatiation of the gasses at hand when spark ignited.

The video below will give you some more info on how the device works.

This is a non compressed burn test. the gasses are cycled through the device then fired. I wanted to have a way to do this while I'm making the gasses as some gasses when modified can have a short half life.  Thus i could not just fill up a container and light it...

The tube will be clear but for now i had to test the size with this white tube. The clear tube will have measurements on it and also will allow us to see the flame and pistons.

Right now i'm using Pulse Fire to run the device under controlled tests. no data had been published just yet on my findings. i will do this as i do testing after i get the clear tube!

hear is my first test of the device:

Here is a pre test with some interesting results:

Below are some photos of the device as i was building it.

This is the 2 pistons that i use for measuring, as you can see the "ring" will stay out and the other piston can end up where ever it wants to...  most of the time the vacuum from the explosion brings it back to the same spot it started at.