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Whats Up Everybody!

I started to get in to a lot of 3D printing projects and builds.  So I have organized each one on this one page. Just click the link ( or the photo) of the project you would like to check out, all the other random bits that are not project related are at the end of these page! Enjoy!

I also Live Stream Printing and other stuff Here


Building an over sized Delta printer from scratch! RWG-OSD




My original Rostock Build, still kicking out parts! lots of upgrades and such!

rostock 3Dprinter RWGresearch

Filament extruder. Built from recycled parts!

Constant Voltage Output Supply 7 filament extruder

Brushless CNC Spindle Build For 3D Printer



Below are other videos That are 3D printing related, Mostly my Experience's with 3D printing. How to's, Filament Tests, &things that go BAD!

#QSN - 3D Printer Torture Test Art.My Challenge to the 3D Printing Community!

See Here for the Files of the QSN as well as a lot more information on it:

This Was Awesome. Angus & Joel's Reaction to the QSN In Person.

25MM QSN With .4mm Nozle & Quick Look At My Hotend / Extruder ( In 4K)

TPU Filament. How To Get Flexible Filaments To Work With Your 3D Printer & Bowden Extruder.

Duet Wifi First Impressions / Review, This Is The New Age In Open Source 3D Printing!!!

Building a hotend from scratch:

Practical 3D printing Videos:

TPU Extensive Torture / Strength Testing & Temperature Tests. Smash stuff! non Scientific Testing:

Below are a set of videos testing Taulman 3D 618 Natural Nylon Filament., :

My Experance With BuildTak 3D Printing Build Surface & How Not To Use The BuildTak! :)

 Filament Reviews:

Some time laps and videos of prints:

Random Bits:


This page will be update with more info as I get it :)


God Bless

~Russ Gries