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Here you will find useful links and information, please see the files page for all the info I and others have collected. You can also upload your files to share.

we are in affiliation with the International Alternative Energy Center (IAEC) group! there a lot of good information and people there so please checkout there site and join there forms!

The International Alternative Energy Center (IAEC) Forum is a collaboration of individuals that are experimenting with Pulse Motors, HHO Generators, and Alternative energy technologies, to find a better method for creating clean and renewable energy.

"It Doesnt Matter How Much Knowledge One Possesses, BUT It Does Matter How Far One Is Willing To Go With The Knowledge One Possesses!"


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Russ's YouTube channel

Forms: @ open-source-energy

Watch Russ live When He Is Broadcasting On

 Alex petty's blog

Vortex Based Math, all the links you'll need. click here

 Patrick J. Kelly's Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

Jason Verbelli's YouTube A must see!

JLN Labs web site

Some good info and visual's on magnetic waves and energy, Tesla, vortex's and the like:


~Russ Gries