Brushless CNC Spindle Build 3DP

The Lite & Powerful Brusless CNC Spindle Build For 3D Printer.

This project came about due to the very loud air powered spindle I was using on my OSD 3D printer project here. I was using an air tool that really worked well! however it was noisy and used to much air, its not piratical for every day use!

So I decided to have a go at building my own custom Brussels CNC Spindle.




Here is the play list:

Some parts were better bought than made, so I have a few parts to chose from. The hand piece is a  Foredom H43T. you can see the specification's here:

I went with this one because it was compact and had a collect that would go up to 1/4". I could have also made this part but that is a lot of extra work, I'm lacking time :) its a bit pricey, you might be able to find the shaft on line and make the housing.

The motor is a Turnigy P2627L EDF Outrunner 4200kv for 55/64mm 3 phase RC motor, its designed for a ducted fan. So its dose not have as much torque but instead it has a lot of RPM, at full speed it will reach 45,000RPM with no load. At full load it will pull 22.2A @ 11.1V! That's 250W!  Not bad for something so small. The best part is its only 12$! ( when i bought it) I can switch it out with a slower motor with more torque if I need to, but I plan on using tinny end mills for my projects so it should be fine. I could use a gear reduction to get the lower RPM but still have a lot of torque.

The control is a 25A Turnigy TY-P1 25Amp HEXFET Brushless Speed Controller. seems to do the job and for 10$... you cant beat it.

The only thing I would do different is not use such a high speed motor, I don't think ill use it much past 1/2 throttle !
God Bless! ~Russ Gries

below are some screen shots of the build, all theses are in the videos,