Edward Leedskalnin PMH

Here one will find my replication of EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN "perpetual motion holder" or PMH.

This is a a 1.25" square stock that i bent and formed. it has a "keeper" and 2 spools of #14AWG wire. the length of wire should be about 250 foot on theses spools. ED calls for slightly different dimensions then shown. But the idea works the same.

In this video i test a small version of ED's PMH for 2 years to see if it would hold a charge.

Below is my Small scale replication of
This is a 3/8 u bolt with 2 coils on it. The u bolt is 4.5 " long and 2" apart, the top bar is a 2 and 7/8" long 1/4 " key stock. The coils are rated for 24vdc, and measure 80 ohms each. that's all!

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Thanks, ~Russ Gries