John Hutchison (Hutchison Effect)

On this page one will find information and videos about John Hutchison,

I had the opportunity to visit John & Nancy  Hutchison on the dates of 3-23-15 to 3-27-15.

On this trip i took a lot of videos and will be helping John & Nancy Open Source There technology. or Rather help spreed the knowledge that they have.

The main thing they are interested in currently is radiation neutralizing. Using John's crystal Power cell's and RF / audio fields  they can  " transmute" or speed up the process of radiation decay. Although this sounds crazy... I have the means to put it to the test! while i was there we created a " johnny tube" that is self powering crystal cell that has been " encoded" with "information" or frequency's we it was created / cooled / crystallized. there is alot more to this process and it will be in the videos posted here.

As I post videos here on This page things will come together and you will see how they do it. there are also a lot of other good videos with John Hutchison here on this page. As I get the videos edited they will be posted here.


John Hutchison & ~Russ Get long 3 Part Interview.

John Hutchison and Russ Gries talk - Junction Barrier - Power Crystal Cells - & - MORE

John Hutchison Show's ~Russ around The Lab & His 25-FOOT "Ray Gun"

"Junction Barrier" Diode Testing, John Hutchison & ~Russ Gries

John Hutchison's Metal Samples + Electron Microscope & Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Old RF Vacuum Tube Electrotherapeutic Device. John Hutchison & ~Russ Get Zaped

Classified? who knows what will find!

There is some digital copy's of things on this site with more to come..

More to come!


God Bless

~Russ Gries