Cold Fusion / LENR

On this page one will find my current Cold fusion updates.

Currently I work at a non profit organization called QGR (Quantum Gravity Research.) Here we study a geometric theory of everything. On the "side" we work on alternative energy devices. It just so happens that the QGR theory works rather well to possibly explain Cold Fusion.


In this video Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian comes to the current (early) lab that was still In progress for completion. This was my first video published on Cold Fusion. It got some attention and was posted on Ecat world which was nice to see. ( thanks


Below are Associated Projects with LENR on new pages for better organization:

1. LENR Calorimeter.

2. Zeolite and Pd - LENR

3. CR-39 Research, Nuclear Track Testing.

4. looking-for-heat-kits


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More info on the OGR work can be found here: