Pulse Motor Build Off 2012.

On the date 6-7-1012 Me and Timman (from IAEC) decided to have a "For Fun" Pulse motor build off. This led to inviting everyone in the world to join it. Every one was given 2 weeks to finish a pulse motor of there choice.the goal was to have people use there resources to get it dont in time.

I would like to thank the individuals who donated the prizes for this event, Kyle Carring donated some really nice solar panels for 1st place prize. my good friend Pete donated $100 each for parts to 2nd and 3rd place winners! what a blessing to have people help get others involved. The entire reason for this build off was to have fun, take a brake from other projects and encourage others to just try to build something. When we build we learn.

I would also like to think Zero Fossil Fuel for judging 1st place winner, my wife and Tinmans wife picked 2nd and 3rd place as this would give every one a chance to win! One can see who Zero Fossil Fuel is by visiting his web site here.

One can see all the posts/videos and information HERE over at the forums.

These 2 videos are the winners!

Congrats to Jimboot2 for 1st place!

Congrats to 1horn for 2st place!

Congrats to element 119 for 3rd place!


Jim made a video for us and he was thrilled:


Below is the winners and the rest of the entry's for this contest. Enjoy and thank you all for Joining the fun in what ever way you could!



element 119





Russ’s entry#1 (Big Guy)

Russ’s entry#2 (Little Guy)





Thank you all for a good event and Manny Blessings to you all! Happy Building!


~Russ Gries