Constant Voltage AC Supply

On this page One will find a 1400VA Constant Voltage AC Output Supply From Recycled Server PSU's & UPS

There are 2 videos going over the details of this build. i needed to build this unit ( or buy one buy why would i do that when i could make one!!) as the voltage where i work currently fluctuates anywhere from 106V-118V AC. this makes it very hard to get good results from my filament extruder of witch relies on the incoming voltage to create accurate size filament.

I could have done This Differently But i wanted to use what i had on site with out getting any extra parts...

I ended up using 2 Brick power supply's from an old server. there part number is : HP PS-3381-1C1 a 12V 32A supply.

I needed 2 of theses as i needed 24V to feed the UPS.

A Note Here is that i had to isolate the grounds on these supply's to use them in a 24V configuration. i go over this in the videos below.

Now one may ask me why i did not just get a UPS that is " In Line" of witch this type of UPS already put's out a consent voltage already... the answer is that i wanted to show people how to recycle and reuse what we already have access to...


The US and Power supply's  were tossed out and looking for a home... why not use them?


There is also a good double purpose for this unit. I can put the battery's back in the unit for a normal usable UPS, and i can remove the Power supply's for a good 24V 32A brick supply's for any other project...


Here are some photos of the unit and power supply's as well as a full view of it with the Extruder:



Constant Voltage Output Supply 1 HP PS-3381-1C1  Constant Voltage Output Supply 4 HP PS-3381-1C1Constant Voltage Output Supply 3 HP PS-3381-1C1










Constant Voltage Output Supply 5

Constant Voltage Output Supply 6











Constant Voltage Output Supply 7 filament extruder











Now for the videos: