Torrid Coil Winder

Here one will find my torrid coil winder. AKA Hawk Winder


The reason I built this was to wrap the coils on my EPG project.  I originally saw a YouTube video from a user “HAWK491000” he build the first one I have seen like this and I fallow suite with the same principles.

I based my ideas off the video and built it on the fly with a vision in my head… the total project cost me $3.50. no that’s not a type-o the only thing I bought was the O-Band and Connecter. Its jewelry cord and a twist lock end.  The cord is stretchy and works wonders as an o-belt. Everything else is pure recycled resources!

The main frame is MDF wood. The holding wheels are old casters, with bearings. The main wheel that spins is an 16” aluminum bike rim. The run motor is a 12vDC pump motor. The controller is a cordless drill trigger maid in to a foot petal for hands free operations. And some other odds and ends.

In the EPG project I’m putting a certain amount of wire on each bobbin, I’m measuring this with my home maid wire straitener/counter, you can see that HERE. There is no counter on this device. But one can use a pedometer connected to a reed switch and a magnet on the rim or something for a counter. The problem I had with this was that the RPM was so fast the pedometer would miss count as it could not catch up… its like it had a slow cycle time… if all else fails I can use Pulse Fire for that!


Here is some detail photos of the torrid coil winder.
















































Here are the videos of the winder being built and running. Please note that these videos are posted from start to end.