Honda PA50II “Hot Rod” Hobbit

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Honda PA50II "Hot Rod" Hobbit Page!

If your here you either Because your  lost or looking for details on a Honda PA50 / PA50II with all Upgraded Racing Parts!

Well your in the right place ether way! because even if your lost you might like what i have on this Build!

To Start i have here a 1983 Honda Pa50II Bone Stock... ( did not get a good photo of it but see the first video...)


by the time you make it to the bottom of this page you will see this PA50II transformed one step at a time in to a racing Hot Rod including 70CC hit, New Wrapped Circuit Exhaust,   New Reads, New Race Varitaor, New White Wall Tires, LED Head Lamp,  New Race Gears in rear end, and best part Upgraded GPS Mount for Speed-o And Data recording 3D Printed Mount... I'm sure i missed something...   ( best part is it still looks stock, i kinda like the way it looks...)


crazy as it sounds This Bone stock top speed of 27 MPH Honda will not cruse at 48-53 on flat ground with a top speed of 54MPH on flat ground and 35-45MPH up a constant Steep Grade. it turned out to be just what i intended it to be.


I currently live in Southern California (so-cal) and my daily drive is up theses crazy mountains i travail from around 1200 feet to 600 feet to around 2400 foot above see level every day to work and back. so the entire Honda project was to use this as my daily driver up and down these mountains. there is not much open road around here that is flat.  so this small 70CC 2 stroke needs to be a reliable workhorse for me, so far i have successfully managed to create just that.

so lets get started, all my work is documented in a video Blog format, ( sorry to those who like to read)  so some of these videos will be boring to some of you, but for those looking for detail... here it comes!


Here is what it currently looks like:

Honda PA50II Hot Rod Hobbit 2 Honda PA50II Hot Rod Hobbit 7 Honda PA50II Hot Rod Hobbit 8 Honda PA50II Hot Rod Hobbit 13


Theses are in order, enjoy!


theses are other fun videos that are related to the Hobbit:


Thanks for checking it out!