Pulse Motor Build Off pre-Xmas 2012

On the date 21/9/2012 Me and Timman (from IAEC) decided to have a "For Fun" Pulse motor build off again. This led to inviting everyone in the world to join it. Every one was given one month to finish a pulse motor of there choice.

I would like to thank the individuals who donated the prizes for this event. What a blessing to have people help get others involved. The entire reason for this build off was to have fun, take a brake from other projects and encourage others to just try to build something. When we build we learn.

I would also like to think Zero Fossil Fuel and Mark Dansie for judging!!

One can see all the posts/videos and information HERE and HERE over at the forums. (see both links each on a separate forum)

the winner videos will be here:

congrats for first place!

second and third! :

Below is the winners and the rest of the entry's for this contest in know particular order! . Enjoy and thank you all for Joining the fun in what ever way you could!





Below is my and Tinmans entry:

Thank you all for a good event and Manny Blessings to you all! Happy Building!


~Russ Gries