Filament Extruder

Here one can find my Filament extruder. this is my version of the  Lyman filament extruder

I want to be able to recycle my plastic and make more filament for my Delta 3D Printer "Rostock"

although there are plans and kits out there, This version is of my own thoughts and ideas, so far the only thing i have bought for this project was the wood auger bit for 8$ used as an extruder auger. I  also bought used hair dryers for 2$. i used the Nickel Chromium heat wire for the last heater band. other than that this was all stuff from other discarded goods and recycled "junk"...

This is a work in progress, here is a full play list of the videos below:

Hears an updated photo of the setup:

~Russ's filament extruder

some photos as I was building it:

Filament Extruder RWGresearch 5Filament Extruder RWGresearch 1Filament Extruder RWGresearch 2Filament Extruder RWGresearch 3


And some videos in order:

The Below 3 videos are for "Russ's Helix Looper" that is an oscillator for the extruder spooling system. :

Work continues on the caliper measure device with Bob, from making stuff. PID :

Back to the regular programing... ( kinda)

The next 2 videos go hand in hand...

Making Stuff Channel:

Making Stuff Web Page:





More To Come!

any of the 3d prints you have seen in this project can be downloaded here:

Most of theses files are drawn in Google Sketchup