Use Your Resources

Use Your Resources

On this page you will find a couple of my videos showing what can be done with your available resources alone.

For example, I built a complete working electric motorcycle that I call VoltZilla.

The entire project  was done with my available resources. After scraping an available fork truck for the electrical parts, I had enough money to buy the parts I needed to build an electric motorcycle.  I actually came out ahead.  You can see 'VoltZilla' on my project pages.

On the bottom of this page are some of the videos that I have made to show others  how they can find resources all around them.

For example, did you know that the old CRT TV’s and computer monitors people are throwing out every day have a lot of good magnet wire in them? There is good electronics that can be used as well.

In fact all the coils I have built on my coil testing page are from recycled magnet wire. I did not spend any money of any of those projects. Actually almost all my projects you see on my project pages I did not spend any money on. It's all from recycled parts!

You may ask yourself, how much time did to take to get all of those recycled parts? The answer is a lot! But the point is that you don't need money to start with your own testing on these projects! Sure, there will be times when you will need to order parts, but if you can recycle parts for scrap, then you have money to order parts!

I’m at the point now where I do need your donations in order to further this research. However I am still using my resources wisely and only buying the things I can not salvage from other places.   So if you can, go donate by clicking the donate button below.   You can also donate parts or martial to help.   View the parts list for items needed for my research.  If you can't do either or, please come over to the forums and give your input on these projects!!! WE THE PEOPLE as a WHOLE working TOGETHER is the only way this is going to get done!   So please contribute where you can!


If you have videos of ways to use your resources, please email me the link here,

If it fits i will add the video here on this page.
Thanks and enjoy the videos below!

Below is the last video in the series "Heavy Trash Day Experiment", see all 5 days on my you tube channel, rwg42985