Thank You!

This page is for all who have contributed funding or parts to the RWGresearch work.

If you have donated something and do not see your name or something needs to be fixed, please email me here:

A huge thanks to everyone and anything you have done to help this research and please keep spreading the word! Get involved with this type of work and lets make this place we call home a better place to be.

This list is not in any kind of order, some of these people have donated more than once but there name is only on the list once.

Mike G

Blane S

Justin P

Gunther R

Darcy W


Fred H

Robert R

Nathan A

Jack S

Johannes K

Manvel A

Markus L

David O

James R

Jason L

Justin R

Mike H

Mathew B

Tom Z

Kevin W

Anders G

Kevin G

Michel V

Chris W

Per R

Ben L

Bill W

Mike P

Matthew D

Reagan B

Isard F

Brian C

Phill B


Peter S

Rod B

Donnie J

James O

Alisson M

Bernadett G

Ross B

Chris R

Gary G

Andrew M

Luc L

Roman H

Joe C

Kyle C

Eric C

Pankaj j


Paul H

Roman S

Robert M

Barbara G

Stephen J

Kenneth G

Andrew B

Paul Z

Tyson C

Andre J

Peter A


Brooks A

William S

Malcolm G

Joseph P

Ric Wade

Pascal K

Tamara F

Simon H

Phil S

Betsy R

Daniel S

Craig B

Michael s

Todd V

Gert M

John S

Tibor M


Mark S

We would not be where we are in this research with out all your help! THANK YOU! ~Russ Gries