Stanley Meyer WFC “Water Injector” Technology

Here you will find the work concerning Stanley Meyer WFC “Water Injector” technology.

Here one will find some Original drawings from the estate as well as VIC bobbins and cores,and the injectors them self's.

Update, 2-12-15 The finished injector is done, however, It will take some time to test correctly. some photos and a video:


Stan Meyer Injector Complete WFC

Stan Meyer Injector Complete 3

Stan Meyer Injector Complete 2

Stan Meyer Injector Complete WFC

Video Of The Finished Injector

Stan Shows His injectors.


Russ Talks About The Drawings

please see this too:
In this video below i meant to say .010" gap as that's .020" / 2 = .010" yep i'm still human!

There is a VIC coil that goes with the Injector and it is designed just for This injector.

Here are some photos of Stan's injectors and VIC coils to go with it.


Here is the VIC for the injector.



Now for some of the most Important drawings ever gave away for free on the internet...



Below is the VIC bobbins. Please note That there are only 13 slots. Don't count them, just use the Measurements.

Please Give these drawings away to everyone! There not to be sold. You don't own them... Stan dose... He would want it to be free. Why do you think he patented it? if he did not it would be lost! Think about it

"In starting my quest in order to bring in the power system I knew from my prior scientific background, that I must legalize the technology.  If I do not legalize the technology and try to bring it out through the American people or even to the world, then in fact that technology could be blocked." ~Stanly Mayer

you can download the PDF's here:


I already have some of the ceramic Inserts on the way to my house. I will post photos here when i get them in.

Below is some of the work i have done so far on the Vic bobbins. I will need to re due these but for now there good for testing. I have 14 slots in this bobbin. Thanks to dynodon for the SS wire and cores. There will be more made of different types for testing.

Here one can see the SS 430F/FR wire on the bobbin. Each inductor is 11.6k ohms

Please see these threads on the forms for more info on this build:

here is some 3D drawings by BAM5 AKA Brian over at the forms:

Here is a  Sketch of the VIC coil that FirePinto AKA Nate, has drawn up !

Here is the sketchup file:

VIC Drawing RWGresearch FirePinto.skp

What an amazing bunch of people we have over at the forms joining together to help bring forth this tech and get it out to the world!

Thanks you all!


God Bless

~Russ Gries